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I am trying to prepare for divorcing my wife of 4 years. She doesn’t know. We have 2 kids, of which i want custody. She has a history of mental illness which has resulted in our kids school (private) asking us to leave. She’s a disinterested mother.

I need to know what i should do. How should i prepare? I can afford a good nanny and legal fees, i need to win custody of the kids.

We live in Illinois.


Particular reasons for wanting a divorce

Dont really know what your particular reasons for wanting a divorce are but, the most important thing to remember are your children. They will feel that the break up is their fault no matter how much you or your spouse tell them they are not. The Courts will look at you and your spouse to determine whom should have custody.

Its important (not to bad mouth the other parent).

The Court would look at this as you are trying to alienate the other parent from the children and will blow up in your face. IM NOT A LAWYER. I just happen to be going through a nasty divorce/custody action in which that has happened to( being aleinated from my children). Always consult with your attorney, no matter how small the idea course of action may seem.

I would also suggest looking into a parenting course. NOT saying you are a bad parent, the Court will look at this as your are preparing for and expect the trasition from a two parent household to a single parent household to be a trying one. The course which I attend have activities for the children to jion in also. Also, always reinforce that both you and your spouse love your children. Anything positive should be approved of by the Court.

Good Luck.