New york family services

I have joint custody and visitation of my 2 year old baby the is trying to stop me from seen her and get me out of the baby life she has when to court and told them, “he has been abusing her by pinching her and flicking her hard as a mean of discipline, she is now flinching as though she is expecting to be hit,when she is with him and at home. she cries and does not want to go with him.

Recently she complained of pain in her vagina, buttocks, knees and hands after visiting. she came back from a visit with a bruse under her eye he has her sleeping on the floor, he places her on an adult toilet seat an i saw her fall in, i want the court to return sole custody to me, also i want the court to order that he have only closely supervised visits with her.

Also i want him ordered to have counseling.”

How new york state office of children and family services is coming to my house when ever they feel like i am sick of my baby mother doing stuff like this what can i do to stop her.