You must go through with the judges decision

You must go through with the judges decision. Payments? Anytime anybody can face there fears and fight back, (it’s called paradoxical intent Immersing yourself in spiders if you are afraid of spiders)it promotes mental health.

False allegations are the best way to get rid of a dad. So your attitude of fighting back is a great one!

Can you appeal this silly judges opine?

Even if she is nursing

Even if she IS nursing, milk can be packaged so that you can take the baby on an outing.

The question is not whether or not you CAN see your daughter, the FACT is that she IS your daughter, and you MUST spend time with her. A girl will found her future relationships on her relationship with her father.

A father in a girls life is VERY important. You sound like you are starting off well, and the best of luck too you.