Child care paid to children?

My ex has billed me for childcare expenses paid to our 12 year old son. I am non-custodial parent and feel that this seems a bit absurd. Can anyone give some guidance on how to deal with this. Under the terms of our agreement I am responsible for 50% of childcare cosats as defined by New York State law. Any help would be appreciated.

Well for one thing you could demand to see the child care’s license (I dont think your 12yr old son has one). If the ex does not provide one then she would be in trouble from that aspect. take the whole matter out of family court’s hands and into a different arena. If you can do that then you have an equal chance.

If you are billed for child care services from your son expect to inspect the ‘facilities’ and all legal requirements to be a daycare center. go from that aspect.

Also, I do not know about New York, but in Oregon 12year olds are to old to be claimed for child care. good luck.