How many other fathers are a victim of this garbage

I would like to know how many other fathers are a victim of this garbage. I was told I had 5 minutes to leave my home one night because my now ex wife wanted me out of her life and my daughters life. It’s bad enough to be a father and fight for custody but now your faced with a domestic abuse charge. I know full well that women are told to do this but the scum of the earth and by that I mean women’s advocates and the court systems.

I was a very good husband and father and NEVER abused either my wife or daughter and never would have. Since that day I was told to pay close to $500 a month in child support and I was also ordered to attend an anger mgmt class!! Yeah thats right the court ordered me to attend not her. If I don’t attend I need to have a third party watch me when I see my daughter. This is sick.

I spend more time with my daughter than my ex wife ever did and now she is living with some other man that I have never met with my daughter. We as fathers need to make a lot of noise over this. I know full well I am not alone. If it takes me a lifetime to do something I will. I need others to be a part of this. We as fathers are in this together. I know many men who just give up and by doing so this may very well happen to our sons and grandsons and so on.

Please feel free to write me if you have any input or advice other than to give up. I will never even think about giving up NEVER. I need more people to join and we shall make a change.