Fighting Back

What is needed is the key word FIGHT. America only understands war and therefore fathers MUST call for war on the courts. Get the network going. Embarrass the judges by putting their names in the paper as child abusers because that is exactly what they are doing when they allow one parent to be the keeper of the children. Find out where they live and place placards near their homes to say “here lives an abuser”. List their ‘crimes’ in the paper.

There are other things that can be done that should be done.

Finally go to the courts and if a man is on the first legs of a divorce have him PUSH hard for PRIMARY custody and do not accept paying child support – not because they shouldn’t but because they want primary custody. FORCE the judges to give a VALID reason why the father CANNOT be primary. Do not allow the ‘Tender years’ approach to be allowed. THERE MUST BE A VALID REASON THAT the FATHER cannot be the PRIMARY – and if they CANNOT GIVE A VALID REASON, DO NOT ACCEPT IT.

Small amounts of men are demanding and getting more time with their kids and are embarrassing the judges until they do.