It is terrifically easy to have false accusations made

It is terrifically easy to have false accusations made and make em stick. It happened to me. If you must visit make sure there is always someone who can attest that no funny business occurs, that is if that family has a history of making allegations…

Fight any and all accusations early and vigorously as I can think of no better way of keeping a child away from it’s natural parent.

Who wants to risk sending a child with an alleged perpetrator? Call the hospital where she was born and you may be able to still add your name to the paperwork. In my state they come in and ask paternity right in the birthing room and they are pretty aggressive about it.

You ought to be able to also make her submit to a paternity test in court and all that is necessary is a swabbing of the inside of the child’s cheeks…

The test is cheap and if you can’t afford it the state will help you. Just ask about it. I’m sure your lawyer can tell you about it or even any paternity lab can tell you the procedures. They are usually very nice.

Lost in court again

After my Ex, her husband, and a friend of theirs decided to tell the Judge that I was a “possible child predator”, or something to that effect.

I had 4 witnesses (a friend, a co-worker, my psychologist, and my minister). The judge refused to hear from any of my witnesses. His decision: there are serious charges against me involving children, and not even my psychologist could remove the doubt from his mind. Therefore, he has ordered me to have a Forensic Psychologist evaluate me, that is, if I want to see my daughter again.

Any advice from anyone? And, what the hell is a Forensic Psychologist?? I say bring on the test…. problem being that it will cost me a minimum of $2,000.

Anyone in E-land been through this?? Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks!!

You sound as if you have been there

I agree with you whole heartedly, fathers should be made the primary custodian. What would you give as a valid reason? What would you accept? What would you not accept?

Do you think living with a Felon while Married to the children’s father is acceptable? The children are failing in school. The mother is on aid, and the felon is reaping the benefits of both the State aid, and being with the father’s children. I am not a demonstrative person, I have a good lawyer, and I’m fighting for my children, i say “fighting” because I am not giving up on them.

I would like to hear from you, support from someone who has experienced the courts helps me to get stronger.

I am due to spend another lonely Thanksgiving and Christmas without my children. I don’t go back to court until the 4th of January 2018.

I have had temporary sole custody

I have had temporary sole custody since Sept.2010 and I am fighting back (for Primary Custody & Residence)in MN. I am a bit worried/concerned that the courts, in their infinite wisdom, will let it go back to joint even though there is a whole host of reasons(too many to mention here) why I should have the Primary.

Would anyone have any information on MN. statues/cases where a custodial parent has objected and/or prohibited the other[non-custodial] party from having opposite gender, overnight visits when the children are in their care? My argument is – there is enough time available, when the children aren’t in their care, to have these gratis overnight visits.

I won custody after watching tips from this video.

Sets a bad example for my boys – in my opinion.

In advance thank you very much

Fighting Back

What is needed is the key word FIGHT. America only understands war and therefore fathers MUST call for war on the courts. Get the network going. Embarrass the judges by putting their names in the paper as child abusers because that is exactly what they are doing when they allow one parent to be the keeper of the children. Find out where they live and place placards near their homes to say “here lives an abuser”. List their ‘crimes’ in the paper.

There are other things that can be done that should be done.

Finally go to the courts and if a man is on the first legs of a divorce have him PUSH hard for PRIMARY custody and do not accept paying child support – not because they shouldn’t but because they want primary custody. FORCE the judges to give a VALID reason why the father CANNOT be primary. Do not allow the ‘Tender years’ approach to be allowed. THERE MUST BE A VALID REASON THAT the FATHER cannot be the PRIMARY – and if they CANNOT GIVE A VALID REASON, DO NOT ACCEPT IT.

Small amounts of men are demanding and getting more time with their kids and are embarrassing the judges until they do.

Even if she is nursing

Even if she IS nursing, milk can be packaged so that you can take the baby on an outing.

The question is not whether or not you CAN see your daughter, the FACT is that she IS your daughter, and you MUST spend time with her. A girl will found her future relationships on her relationship with her father.

A father in a girls life is VERY important. You sound like you are starting off well, and the best of luck too you.

Communicating w/ Teachers

I have become active at my children’s school. I have to admit, that when we were married, I was lax in school participation. I have found that not only IS it fun, but it is a great source of information regarding how the children are being sent to school, whether they are on time or not, and their general well being.

It also gives you witnesses (teachers and staff members) as to the treatment of the children by the other parent, and your involvement and caring about the children.