Past child support

Thanks for having this website. I have a question about child support in the state of Michigan. I currently have joint custody of my children and pay child support.

I am proud to pay my child support even though it is more than what it should be based on the amount of time I’m with my kids.

Is this video useful?

My ex wife now has possession of the kids, but it was not always that way. When I first filed for divorce she moved to Idaho (taking my car and breaking a lease with my name on it) with her boyfriend. I was a single father for about six months with no child support from her. I was going to let it slide, but she stopped paying for the car (which got repossessed in Idaho) and the lease she broke. Now I’m in financial trouble.

My question is this: Even though we never signed any agreement (I couldn’t even if I wanted to because she left the day after I filed for divorce), am I still entitled to child support for those six months? The period in question was about 2 years ago.